January 2016

These playful models are developed to stimulate a discussion between farmers and the agricultural machinery industry about the production of hay bales. One tabel represents the current linear system of the production of a hay bale, where a farmer buys the machines and makes the bales himself. Through a high investment all the materials and the machines become the responsibility of the farmer.

The other model represents my proposal to the agricultural machinery industry to start a hay bale service. By changing the business model the agricultural machinery producent stays the owner over the machines they designed and use them to deliver a service to farmers. In this manner farmer hire the company to produce hay bales on their land; a major shift of responsibility for materials and labour. 
Where farmers first had struggles making long terms investments to own the machines, the production of high quality hay is available for many farmers. Stables filled with outdated machinery and waste streams from plasitc wrapings are now the resposibilty of the designer of the machines. This mind shift can lead to more sustainable and independent ways of farming. 

Table 1: Nowadays Hay Bale Production

Table 2: Circular Hay Bale Production